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October 24th 2021  St. John’s Chapel –The Widow’s mite Sunday

October 24th 2021  St. John’s Chapel –The Widow’s mite Sunday

     Just in case you haven’t noticed…all our lessons in October point to God’s intention for our wise use of all we have been given by a great, gracious, and generous God. That wisdom has a name: “stewardship.”

     What does it mean to be a good steward? It means to follow faithfully the priorities assigned by God for the use of our time, talents, and resources. The starting point is to seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness. If we do that, Jesus tells us that everything will fall into its proper place.

     What then are the proper places for the use of time, talents and resources according to the Bible? First: to take proper care of ourselves, for life is a precious gift. Don’t squander it! Second: to take care of our families. Third, to take care of others in need, especially our fellow Christians.

     And fourth…that is the theme of our lessons today- providing for the welfare of the church; to encourage and support God’s work in spreading the gospel, the good news of God’s Kingdom, here at St. John’s and out into the entire world. We ask your help to do this by pledging to support St. John’s in 2017. The widow’s mite goes a long, long way in the kingdom of God! Your support given in faith is likewise precious in the eyes of God!