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Report from Fr. Bob and Bonnie Camino day 13

Hola Everyone!     We must still be in Kansas, Toto!  Another day with a long, straight, gravel path, flanked by wheat fields, stretching out ahead of us between Carrion de Los Condes and Ledigos. A little over 13 miles. Most of it was originally a road built by the Romans.

A few days ago we called to make reservations for a private room at an albuergue in Ledigos, mentioned in our guide book. “Oh, si! si! We have! You come! No problema!” Maybe a little too much enthusiasm.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a young lady at the bar. I gave her my name and told her we had reserved a room. She looked clueless, and led us upstairs to a big open hall with about 20 beds lined up in rows. Hmmm. . .not exactly what we had signed up for.

Making a long story short, we were way too tired to continue our walk. We called a cab  which took us to Sahagun (only 15 euros), got on a train which took us to Leon (only 18 euros), and are now in a nice, quiet private room with bath in downtown Leon.  Yes, we are a tad spoiled. Best 33 dollars (approximately) we ever spent.

As I was purchasing our train tickets in Sahagun, I realized I had left my hat in the trunk of the taxi. Of course it is raining.

Good Camino. Bad Camino. Today brought a little of both. We’ll leave you with a collage of photos from our past week. And pray that you, dear friends and family, will enjoy Good Camino ALL day tomorrow! Hasta luego! B&B